Vastra Srijan

The extra cloth cut out from the dress while stitching is almost never utilised. We decided to turn waste into something useful. Through our project Vastra -Srijan we convert those scraps of cloth into zero-sized clothes for new-born children. We prefer to give work to differently abled people (mainly polio victims) or to under-privileged ladies who can work from home . They learn to stich Baby frocks, pouches and small bags etc utilizing this cloth.

  • Extra dress material from tailors and stores like Meena Bazar is collected.
  • We train and involve disable people in creating baby garments i.e. frocks and lehengas, etc.
  • This becomes a good employment opportunity for them as they are paid for their work.
  • The garments are sold and the money raised by it is used for the higher education of blind people.
  • Mr. Naresh Ratnani , owner of Tulip ( Jaipur), came to know about this project and he not only started employing disable people in his organisation but also sends us ladies garments to raise fund through this project.

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