Chhoti Si Pathshala

Setu is involved in providing primary education to under-privileged children. Most of these children work as labourers or stand outside the temples to beg. They are denied education because of financial issues. Some of them are even addicted to alcohol and tobacco. Our target is to enrol them to main stream Schools after providing them basic education and generating their interest in formal studies. We continue to provide free tuition facility to them after school hours. We give preference to differently able teachers. All of them are first time workers. They are not highly educated but are encouraged and helped to study further. These classes are inclusive and open to children with special needs.

At Dada Dev Mandir

Our first ‘Pathshala’ started at Dada Dev Mandir Complex on 1st Februray 2009, with overwhelming response. This remains our oldest centre for children of migratory labours living in nearby slums, who were made to sit there to beg. A large number of children have been put in main stream schools and are given free tuitions in evening.

Another part of this project is run by Paradise Apartment society ladies to help the children of maids and guards. It has shown good results. The love and attention these kids get from lady volunteers has encouraged other maids also to put their children in schools. Children come to the homes of volunteer members to learn different subjects and do their home work. It has improved their performance in school. It also gives a lot of joy to the ladies involved, most of them are retired teachers and enjoy being with children.

Fun Time With Children

Education branch of Indian Navy arranged a picnic for children at Rail Museum. Students of Setu education centre were also invited for this. They appreciated the outing a lot and were motivated to join armed forces in the future.

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