Chhoti Si Pathshala

This project is to motivate and teach under previlidged children. Most of them are labourers or beggars. They are denied basic education because of financial issues. Some of them are addicted to alcohol and tobacco. Setu provides basic education centers. We specially employ only disabled teachers, not highly educated but dedicated to the cause. The job gives them a sense of pride and becomes a source of income for them. One teacher handles not more than 15 - 20 children and educates them in a manner so that they enjoy learning. We also provide free stationary.

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Vastra Srijan

The extra cloth run out from the dress while stitching is almost never utilised. We decided to turn waste into something useful. Hence, the launch of our next project was to convert those scraps of cloth into zero-sized clothes for new-born children. We have opened a training centre for disabled (mainly polio victims and Hearing Impaired) at Saket Meerut (U.P.).

They learn to stitch baby frocks, shirts, jackets, puches and small bags, etc. on Juki machines utilising this cloth. The material is given to us by Meena Bazar, Ansal Plaza.

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Setu Samadhan

Samadhan is one of our recently launched project in the field of menstrual hygiene. For this we have purchased the machine and raw material from CSC wing of Government (

We are providing training and work to inmates of U.P . Government run shelter home Nari Niketan Meerut, to manufacture Sanitary Pads.

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Equal Work Opportunity For All

Most differently abled people find it difficult to get a suitable job, especially those who have not studied further than school. We are in touch with several NGOs and volunteers who want to assist us in providing employment to such people. Most differently abled people find it difficult to get a suitable job, especially those who have not studied further than school.

We sensitise the corporates to give equal work opportunity to PWDs (people with disablity) and work as a bridge between employees and employers, till then are well settled. To set the example Setu takes pride in employing PWDs.

Education For All

Education is important for all but it's a big boon for the underpreviledged as it helps them to be financially independent. Deserving students are short listed for formal education and their higher studies are financed by us.

We also provide visually impaired with readers and writers for their examinations / tests and help them by recording audio books for them.

Promoting Hindi Typing

Setu has launched a Hindi audio book - 'Hindi computeree', which was recorded using the DAISY software. The CD of this book can be obtained by the visually impaired from us for free. Additionally, they can also take free blank cassettes from Setu to copy their course books from different audio libraries.

Collection Boxes

We believe in re-using. Items that are no longer useful to someone can be of great value to someone else. We have collection boxes which are used to collect old clothes, toys, books and other re-usable items. These items are either recycled or are given to needy people.

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