About SETU

One empathetic look is enough to realize that people with disability are second to none when it comes to their talent and capacity to work hard all they need is an opportunity or initial hand holding or guidance.

Our projects include enabling the people with disability, creating job opportunities for them, teaching under-privileged children, and help underprivileged women at Shelter Homes/Nari Niketans to make sanitary pads as well as stitch well designed cloths and designer bags and thus support their families with additional income.

The Setu Support Hive

Be a Pillar of Setu

The objectives of Setu are:

  • Enable and empower disadvantaged people and provide opportunities for their livelihood and become self emplouyed or daily wage workers through talent transformation at non-profit practival training and vocational skills development and digital empowerment programs run at strategic Setu centres across the country.
  • Create mass awareness about the needs of poor and differently abled people from all sections of the society, without any discrimination, through mass media and well orchestrated campaigns and encourage youth and able bodied people to share their time in uplifting the poor and differntly abled.
  • Identify livelihood opportunities for differently abled and poor people in various industrial sectors and government organisations and spot the gaps in training needs.
  • Leverage commercially viable micro enterprise projects for poor and differently abled people, in both rural and urban areas, for revenue generation and deploy resources so created for generating scholarships / interest free loans for poor children, with special emphasis on girl-child, to become the integral part of mainstream life.
  • Mobilize resources for establishing and running "Retreat" for terminally ill patients to spend their sun-set-hours with dignity and human care.
  • Arrange free counseling / assistance to those who need it.
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