Setu Samadhan

An initiative by Setu, Samadhan Sanitary Pads are launched, because the regular sanitary napkins available in market are causing great enviornmental damage and use harmful gels which may even cause cancer.

Setu is bringing back the cloth napkins which were popular till the early 70s and are gaining traction again in western countries.


  • Eco friendly- will not end up in landfill
  • Low cost
  • Using upcycled cotton cloth
  • Cotton being a natural fiber is soft to the skin
  • New washed material free of starch and dirt
  • Can also be used as adult diaper
  • Gives employment to disable and underprivileged people

  • Includes

  • A set of five napkins of different thickness
  • Disposal instructions and a paper bag with red marking. This is meant to make it easier for the sanitary staff for handle disposal
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